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The AAHDwiki

Members of the AAHD gain login access to the AAHDwiki, an online reference library of dental history resources. New articles, biographies, pictures and links are being added every day, and members are welcome to submit their comments and updates.

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AAHD Member Database

Current members may log in and view the AAHD Member Database. You may also search the database for other AAHD members in your region, or who share a particular research interest.

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The Historical Museum of Medicine & Dentistry Collection

Photographs collected and analyzed by the Hartford Medical Society & Hartford Dental Society. Prepared for the Web by the American Academy of the History of Dentistry.

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The AAHD Dentistry Collections Database

We are pleased to announce the public opening of a new section of our website - the Dental Collections Database. This browseable, searchable database site is the result of our ongoing survey of museums, libraries, archives and private collections regarding artifacts and materials relevant to the history of dentistry.

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Miscellaneous Off-Site Resources

These resources link to sites outside the AAHD.

Dentistry Images from the History of Medicine

This collection from the National Library of Medicine contains many images related to dentistry.

Images from the History of Medicine: Search results for "dentistry".

Dentistry Images from the New York Public Library

Search results for "dentistry".

Medical Library Association

The Medical Library Association's directory of dental schools, libraries & resources.

Dental Cosmos

The complete issues of Dental Cosmos, one of the first journals of dentistry, published 1859-1936.

International Toothbrush Collection

A searchable gallery and database of toothbrushes from around the world.

Antique Dental Articulators

A gallery of historical dental articulators, with descriptions and photographs, courtesy of the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Dentistry.