ANNOUNCEMENT: AAHD 66th Annual Meeting — Charleston

The Dentist and the Public Mind

October 12-14, 2017, Charleston, SC

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Public consciousness of dentistry has many influences: doctor-patient relationships; portrayals in the arts (film, literature, visual arts); dental advertising; and the new frontier of social media.

We often discuss our self-perception as professional dentists: how we evaluate our profession, its history, and its progress. The other side of this coin is how patients and the public at large have perceived dentistry.

As dentists, we influence our public perception by choices we make, such as whether to advertise or participate on social media, or whether to affiliate with a "branded" corporate practice. As historians, we recognize perennial issues and identify their relevance to present-day practice.

Though the technology and medium may be cutting-edge, the centuries-old questions surrounding public relations , professionalism and ethics remain the same. We look forward to an engaging series of presentations that reflect upon the history of dentistry and light the way for new dentists as they embark upon their practice.

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