ANNOUNCEMENT: AAHD 67th Annual Meeting — Toronto, ON, Canada

Dentists: Looking Into the Mirror - Portraits Based on Autobiographical and Biographical Reflections

September 27-29, 2018, Toronto, ON, Canada

Dental history is not simply about the mechanics and technological advancements made within the field, but also rather about the personalities of dental professionals. Their interests, passions, and influencers have as much an impact upon dental history as the performance of dental work itself.

We often discuss the field in terms of the development of instruments and techniques, glossing over those people who made these developments possible. However, dentists themselves often reflect on their lives and experiences in grander pictures, as autobiographies and biographies seek to make sense of the dentist within their context in the world.

This year's meeting will seek to celebrate the individual and explore how dentists see themselves and their peers.

We will also hold a workshop demonstrating our new knowledge management website, its capabilities, and its contents.

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